rberaldo's projects

These are a few of my projects.

LaTeX workshops

I've been invited to teach LaTeX workshops at SciELO and opensanca. These experiences were great and I'm looking forward to the next ones.


Since September 2016, I've been part of sancaLUG, a Linux User Group in São Carlos area. We've organized some installfests, talk nights, and celebrations like Arduino Day and the Software Freedom Day.

Contos Discordianos

Contos Discordianos is a discordian book of short stories. You can grab a copy at Bookess or download the source code from GitHub. It was typeset using the amazing LaTeX!

Repositório de Letras

In order to help my fellow students of Literature and Linguistics, I set up a website with a number of classic texts in PDF. They’re texts you’re likely to read in college.

Go to letras.cabaladada.org to enjoy this little collection of texts.

Labs in Brazil

Map with psycholinguistics labs in Brazil. Data compiled by me and chart made by Igor Costa.