rberaldo's projects

These are a few of my projects.

Contos Discordianos

Contos Discordianos is a discordian book of short stories by five Brazilian authors. All the stories are in Portuguese. Many of them are plain insane, others are deep and will make you cry. You can grab a copy at Bookess or download the source code from GitHub. It was typeset using the amazing LaTeX!

Luxcraft website

The first website I've programmed. Luxcraft is my father's company. It produces personalized high-quality LED light fixtures. If you’re into artistic lighting, give it a try—I’m sure you’ll like it.

Repositório de Letras

Letras” is a Brazilian Portuguese word. It’s ordinary sense is “letters”, but it has also another meaning. It’s the name of a university course comprising Literature, Languages and Linguistics.

In order to help my fellow students, I set up a website with a number of classic texts in PDF. They’re texts you’re likely to read during the course, although I’ve uploaded a few that I simply liked reading.

Please go to letras.cabaladada.org and enjoy this little collection of texts!