about cabaladadá and rberaldo

It’s me, Mario! ’bout this guy

Hello, I’m Rafael Beraldo.

I’m a Brazilian hacker. I study Linguistics and English at UNESP. I enjoy writing, playing Minecraft, drinking good beers and listening to good music, preferably whilst setting something on fire.

I also enjoy coding, although I’m not proficient at any programming languages yet. I really like coding in markup languages, from XML to HTML, markdown and LaTeX. I’m also very interested in typography.

I’m a GNU/Linux nerd. I feel much more comfortable typing obscure commands in a shell than moving a mouse around and trying to figure out how to open the program I just installed. I like my things simple but that doesn’t necessarily mean easy. TeX, for instance, is utterly simple: any computer in the world can open a TeX document, even if it has thousands of pages. But try to open a 300 pages document on Microsoft Word… You got it.

By the way, you can download my resume right here.

’bout this blog

This is Cabaladadá version 3.0.

Cabaladadá is my first and only blog to take off. It was influenced from the very beginning by the Discordian Philosophy. In fact, “cabala”, or “cabal”, in English, is a kind of group within discordianism; and “dada” comes from “dadaism”, the artistic movement with roots in early 20th century Europe.

Cabaladadá is proudly powered by jekyll. Everything is licensed Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 except where noted or where another license is dictated by content not controlled by me.

Found a bug?

If you’ve found a bug on this blog (such as broken links, misspelled words, issues with the CSS), feel free to report it on Github.