Security Now #509 Digest

by Rafael Beraldo

Introduction to the Security Now Digests

I’m a big fan of TWIT’s Security Now. Since the demise of my favorite show, Linux Outlaws, Security Now has had the highest priority on my playlist. Computer security has always been one of my favorite areas of interest, and Leo and Steve do a great job of summing up the big stories of the week, as well as breaking down complex concepts so they’re much easier to understand.

As with all podcasts I subscribe to, I usually listen to Security Now while doing the dishes, driving or doing something else that doesn’t require any intellectual effort. Furthermore, it often takes me a couple of days to get through each episode, since I don’t have a long commute every day. As a result, I can never act on the security breaches immediately. Committing them to memory doesn’t work either, and for the most part all the plans that I make while listening to the shows are never put into practice.

Since Snowden blew the metaphorical whistle there’s been a great spike in interest in security from the general public. So I thought I’d put together a short weekly digest with actionable information that I’m hoping may be useful for me and for other people who are interested in souping up their security.

Why wait any longer? Let’s hit the news!

Security Now #509 Digest page screaming at me for not having an up-to-date

SN #509 can be found at The show notes are over at Here are the most important security news for this week:

Moving on to the fun stuff:

That’s all for this first digest, guys! Happy hacking!