Happy New Year

by Rafael Beraldo

As 3179 YOLD (or 2013) begins, I felt like writing a happy new year post. Happy new year!

Blogging-wise, 2012 was a very good year. I gave Cabaladadá a fresh start and felt generally happier writing for it. I managed to write twelve posts — a small number, but writing a lot wasn’t in my plans anyway. I wanted to write at least once a month, and I got closer than ever.

But I plan to write more. Over the years, as blogs blossomed and were adopted by all kinds of journalists and specialists, blogging became a very professional activity. It doesn’t have to be tiresome for me, though, and I don’t have to demand from myself posts with content and quality that’ll make people want read Cabaladadá. That simply means my posts should be about whatever is bugging me at the moment, or whatever I’m doing with my life, the Universe and everything else. I’d like to write more on cooking and using GNU/Linux, for example. I often discover programs, fonts, podcasts, books and many other things that might be interesting for my fellow hackers and nerds.

This new year will be full of new and exciting challenges. I taught English for one year and a half, and now I’m looking for a new job. Maybe I’ll end up translating or giving English classes again, but I’ll try my best to get a job related to computers in general, be it deploying GNU/Linux systems, taking care of servers, teaching or coding in HTML. Although I currently study languages and literature, I finally accepted that my real passion lies in everything technology (actually, I find computational linguistics quite interesting), so it makes sense to start working in a related area.

My girlfriend and I wrote down some new year resolutions. Here are mine:

That’s not too ambitious, but still a number of good accomplishments to brag about in the future.

Here’s hoping I’ll be seeing you guys more often! Once more, happy new year!