Jekyll never finishes compiling and other stuff

by Rafael Beraldo

I use the monstrous Jekyll for all my blogging, and I love it. It’s simple enough, though you can do some pretty awesome stuff with it. I was away from my blog for quite a while so I completely lost the hang of Jekyll. Any time I’d try to compile my site, it would stop on regenerating: n files changed.

I googled this message and found out that whenever the option auto is on, Jekyll will watch for any changes and recompile the site whenever it finds one. Thus, it will never “finish” compiling, unless you stop it by hitting Ctrl-C. The solution was simple: I just had to change auto: true to auto: false in the _config.yml configuration file. Now it compiles just fine.

As for the “other stuff” in the title of the post, I’d like to know from my readers whether reading this blog is too difficult for you. Being a command line geek myself, I think the readability is OK but I might consider changing the font to a brighter green or even white. Please mail me with your ideas!

And here’s yet another cat by Noah Sussman for your appreciation!